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Product Code : ZP-01

Description : The Zone Processor is a major node in a long-range wireless system. It collects low power 433 and 866 MHz signals and boosts using 869 MHz for long distance transmission

Features :

  • Uses dual wireless frequencies: 866 MHz to call points and 869 MHz for signaling to central monitor
  • Receives signals on 433 MHz from mobile devices
  • Long-distance link up to 500m allows larger buildings or small campuses to be covered in one network using 866 and 869 MHz
  • ''Handshake'' signaling improves network security
  • Reduces wireless data traffic at central monitor
  • Uses relative signal strength to locate mobile alarms from wristbands, pendants, and wheelchairs

Works with:

  • WLSCP-02 Protektor Call Point
  • WCP-04 Waterproof Call Point
  • WLSMCL-01 Wireless Multicolored Light
  • LRCS-01 Protektor Care Station
  • TXP-02R Wristband Call Button
  • DMS-02 Door Strip Sensor
  • TM-01(V7) Cordless Pad Insert
  • WPG-01 System Programmer
Operating Frequency : 433 receiver, 866 and 869 MHz
Operating Range : 50m local, 500m long-range
Transmission Power : 27dBm (long-range)
Power Supply : AC adaptor 12V, 500mA
Rechargeable battery backup available
Dimensions (LxWxD) : 21 x 15 x 4.5cm
Housing Material : ABS
Net Weight : 450g
Operating Temp. : 5°C to 40°C
CE Approved &  EMC : EN301489-1 & 3
Compliant with Radio : EN300220-1 & 2
R&TTE Directive Alarm : EN50130-4
Safety : EN60950-1
Medical Device Immunity : EN60601-1-2

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